Leonard Carlyle Skinner

Leonard Carlyle Skinner

Leonard was born August 5, 1950 in Victoria, British Columbia, the son of a Canadian Naval Officer. As a result, Leonard has had the opportunity of living in many parts of Canada. Today, Leonard continues to live and work in Odessa, Ontario.

As a young boy, Leonard and his family made annual auto trips to his grandparents' farm in northern Saskatchewan. The Trans Canada Highway, in the late 50's and 60's exposed Leonard to the dynamic natural beauty of the Northern Landscape. In later years, Leonard and his family would spend their summers camping in Ontario, and in particular, the Algonquin and Georgian Bay Regions. This kind of exposure during his formative years, is very evident in his work today.

Leonard is a lifelong painter who, for the past 15 years, has devoted himself to painting full-time. He now has works hanging in several galleries in Canada and the United States, and his work is finding its way into many collections.

Leonard's present work, with its unique compositions and bold use of colour, has made him a true leader and innovator in the Canadian landscape tradition.